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The CIB W117 Journal aims to change construction procurement and stakeholder organizations worldwide through the use of the information-based Best Value Approach (BVA). The stakeholders of the W117 technology are the stakeholders in the entire supply chain. Their vision is simple:

  • Lower project costs
  • Higher project value
  • Higher performance
  • Higher profits.

The major requirements of the research effort is to document the technology in a way that fits the culture of the country. The results of the technology are so dominant, that the newer countries are adopting the approach with very few modifications.

We invite all professionals to keep updated on the newest innovations of the Best Value Approach and contribute their work to the CIB W117 Journal.Today, we release the Journal for the Performance of Information and Value (JAPIV), Volume 8, Issue 2 (Winter 2016)  with all the latest research on the Best Value Approach.

View the JAPIV, Volume 8, Issue 2

Call for Research Papers

Additionally, we will like to extend an invitation to submit for two (2) upcoming publications:

  1. JAPIV, Volume 9, Issue 1 (Spring 2017, International Focus)
  2. JAPIV, Volume 9, Issue 2 (Summer 2017)

For these issues, we would like to invite researchers and authors to submit original research and review articles and papers pertaining to the built environment. These topics can include but are not limited to the following:

Supply chain

Best Practices

Change management


Performance metrics

Project management



Organizational management

Risk management

Delivery of projects

Education & training

Full Papers must be submitted according to the following schedule:

  Spring 2017* Summer 2017
Deadline to Submit: February 28, 2017 February 28, 2017
Final Issue Release: May, 2017 July, 2017
*Special issue, focused on international case studies.

Register and submit your papers at http://cibw117.com/journal or email them directly to dgastel1@asu.edu.


David Gastélum

Journal Editorial Coordinator

School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment

Arizona State University


About The Journal

Performance information is a key contributor to process improvements and the development of the industry by providing quantitative and qualitative impetus. The industry can be defined as the built environment, the delivery of services, goods, and information technology. In addition, in order to sustain and improve the industry, new educational approaches are necessary. The value in performance information can be seen in the application of the information to: identify a challenge, improve or refine a process, and initiate change. The value is present at numerous levels and entities within an organization or across a project.

This journal is a source for documented performance information.  It to serves as a guidepost for lessons learned, best practices, the proliferation of performance based value models in the international built environment, as well as improving the delivery of services, including education. The JAPIV seeks to engage researchers and practitioners alike.

The journal is open access, with all current and previous issues distributed online. We encourage anyone to register online to submit or be a reviewer for our journal who supports and works towards our goals.




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