2017 Circle Best Value ConferenceThe premier Best Value (BV) conference in the world will be on January 22nd – 26th 2017 in Tempe, AZ. In the past year the Best Value Approach has spread to Norway, Denmark, Poland, India and Saudi Arabia. These countries join the U.S., Canada and the Netherlands in implementing BV practices. The BV research program at the Performance Based Studies Research Group at Arizona State University and under the umbrella of the UN chartered “International Council Research and Innovation in Building and ConstructionïW117 Commission” has made tremendous strides in procurement processes and the delivery of high quality services. The new concepts being developed this year include:

  1. BV can be done in the price based or low bid environment.
  2. BV can be used by vendors and contractors to maximize their profit and control of the project. It is not only a client or buyer tool.
  3. BV is the expert contractor or vendor’s best tool.
  4. BV approach uses transparency and not contract terms or control [which increases risk] to minimize risk.
  5. BV can reduce cost by 30% and result in unbelievable results.
  6. BV risk management, project management and procurement models are the best in the world.
  7. BV is now a mainstream approach that identify the traditional procurement models outdated, inefficient and wasteful.

This year’s conference will include a totally new IMT and BV instructional manuals [manual for simple people] and a chance to enjoy the company of BV experts in the January warmth of the Tempe, AZ valley.

Aerial view of the pool and hotel

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Premier Best Value Conference

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