The Best Value Approach (BVA) is a change in paradigm. It focuses on replacing the traditional business model of management, direction and control (MDC) with the identification and utilization of expertise. The BVA is way of thinking that is applied throughout the supply chain and includes a procurement model, a risk management model, a project management model, a business model for the optimization of profit, and a continuous improvement model for people and organization in the supply chain.

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The Best Value Approach was heavily developed and tested through a research group at Arizona State University, led by Dr. Dean Kashiwagi (PBSRG) in partnership with CIBw117, for over 23 years. The results have indicated, that when implemented correctly, the BVA consistently delivers high performance within the supply chain. Results of the tests include the following:

  1. Utilized in 7 countries, including 32 states in the United States.
  2. Over 1,900 test projects delivering $6.8B worth of services with 112+ Clients [Public And Private].
  3. Average project performance of 94% on budget, 97% on time, with 98% customer satisfaction.
  4. 54 ASU Intellectual Property Licenses [most licensed technology at ASU over 20 years]
  5. Over 384 academic papers published.
  6. Has passed audits by 4 external organizations.
  7. Numerous awards and recognitions.

See References and Publications for further details.