Mike Perkins Bubble Gray“This is one of the most logical, streamlined, factually based processes that actually measures performance, that I have seen.”



Michael Perkins
Former (Retired) Assoc. VP for Capital Planning & Project Management at University of Minnesota

Mark Little Bubble Gray

“Best Value is simplistic, systematic, and it holds everybody accountable. An it shifts risk to the right place… the vendor… I highly recommend this process to anyone who wants to break the ‘we’ve always done it this way’ mantra.”


Mark Little
CPPO, Director of Contracts and Purchasing, Port of Tacoma

Herman Koebergen Bubble Gray“I searched for several years to find tools to improve our project outcomes. Most tools added layers of management and costs to the process with the same outcomes, over budget and extended schedules. The Best Value process stripped away all but the necessary elements, creating an environment for successful project outcomes.”

Herman Koebergen
Fleet Manager (Former Materials Manager), City of Peoria

John Morrison Bubble Gray“The best value model is a 360 degree approach to effecting cultural change, managing political acceptance and attracting high performance vendors for the best price.”



John Morrison, AIA
Administrator of the Division of Capital Assets Management, Oklahoma Department of Central Services

Jeff Meyers Bubble Gray“Best Value has opened my eyes to a simple, logical and efficient way of handling projects. This is an entire paradigm change for myself and the GSA.”



Jeff Meyer
Project Manager, General Services Administration (GSA) R6

Rick Ranft Gray

“A huge benefit of Best Value is we are not being reactive to the client. As an expert in our industry, we’re telling the customer what we’re going to do for them, how we’re going to do it, how we’re going to measure ourselves, and it’s predictable. It eliminates all the risks and all the unknowns, and it allows us to cleanly and clearly prove to a customer the value we are bringing.”

Rick Ranft
Director of Compliance and Standards, Canon Business Solutions

Denise Digruccio Gray“For a client to say, ‘I actually received what I wanted,’ is phenomenal in today’s world. Most of the time they’re very unhappy at the end of a project because what they thought they were going to receive,they didn’t receive. With Best Value, those surprises are eliminated.”


Denise Digruccio
National Accounts Manager at Neogard

Blair Mcneal Bubble Gray“I’ve attended the conference for 4 years now and it has been extremely valuable to me. First you learn the thoery and the fundamentals but then you get to meet people in the industries to find out how they’re using it and what has worked well for them and learn from other people’s lessons.”

Blair McNeil
Construction Executive, M.A. Mortenson Construction

Ceese Brandsen Bubble Gray

“Best Value has a significant impact on the value of construction services… The success of our projects has created a firestorm of interest in the Netherlands.”



Cees Brandsen
General Director, Competence Centre for Infrastructure, Rijkswaterstaat

Tyrone Brooks Bubble Gray“I used to dread reading through volumes of marketing material to uncover the nuggets of useful information in the traditional procurement approaches. Best Value eliminates this headache and greatly streamlines the response review process. I am extremely satisfied with our results to date.”

Tyrone Brooks
AVP Auxiliary Services, Administrative Operations, University of Idaho

Joe-Castro-Bubble-Gray“The one thing that stayed with me is learning to put the accountability back into the contractor’s hands. After implementing Best Value with PBSRG’s assistance, our results were fantastic. I highly recommend this.”



Joe Castro
Public Works Director, City and Borough of Sitka, Alaska

Charles Seriwaka Bubble Gray“Best Value promotes a partnering “win-win” scenario between the owner and the contractor… It reduces procurement time; it reduces risk to the owner, and it allows contractors to perform to the best of their abilities… The biggest difference with Best Value is that I could pretty much predict the final results of the projects. I was very confident that I would have a good product.”

Charles Serikawa
Former (Retired) Assistant Director of Facilities Management, University of Hawaii

Mike-Smith-Bubble-Gray“In the low-bid scenario you typically receive low quality construction and little or no service when needed from contractors or manufacturers. The Best Value process has turned our situation around. Contractors are finally asking me if they can service roofs that I have requested warranty service on for the past two years! We have noticed major change in the contractor’s work, cooperation, and overall attitude…”

Michael Smith
Roofing Specialist, Dallas Independent School District

Steve Miwa Bubble Gray

“The quality of work using the Best Value process was exceptional, and this was one of the first times where the contractors were actually working in our best interest.”



Steve Miwa
State of Hawaii

Ray Jensen Bubble Gray

“We’re talking weeks to do things that took months, and a couple months to do things that sometimes would’ve taken up to a year… You can literally pull some of the principles into almost any procurement, negotiation, or business transaction.”


Ray Jensen
Assoc. VP of Business Services at Arizona State University (Retired)


Performance Based Studies Research Group – PBSRG (2016). Arizona State University Retrieved June 17, 2016, from http://pbsrg.com/